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Would you like to share your best practices, latest research, or innovative ideas with sleep consultants from around the world?
The Association of Professional Sleep Consultants invites you to complete this proposal packet to become an expert speaker for our Continuing Education Program. Our professionals are experienced, diverse, and eager to learn.

The APSC is an organization whose mission is to promote the highest standard of practice for the professional sleep consulting industry throughout the world to ensure that client needs are met with professionalism, excellence, and ethical care.

The APSC promotes and establishes credibility for its members through collaboration, education, advocacy, outreach, media and informational activities, both within the organization and throughout the global community.

The Continuing Education Program was created to meet these goals of establishing credibility, offering integrated and superior education, and providing members with the on-going opportunity to further develop their skills.

We’re seeking topics pertaining to infant, child, adolescent, adult, and maternity sleep, health, and wellness that will enable consultants to increase their skills and knowledge.

Presentations in the following categories are welcome:

  • Research
  • Clinical Skills
  • Case Studies
  • Ethics/Scope of Practice
  • Business and Leadership

As well as other areas that can be integrated into the work of a sleep consultant such as nutrition, breastfeeding, child development, perinatal and maternal mental health, childbirth concerns, family dynamics, and more!

If you have a passion and expertise to share, please consider submitting a proposal packet.

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