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Shelby Mcknight
Blue Water Way Temecula CA
Taking Cara Babies LLC
Kristen Northrop
Brighton, CO (USA-West)
Taking Cara Babies LLC
Amanda Vriens
South Carolina (USA-East)
Taking Cara Babies LLC
Blakely Hughes
Mt. Pleasant, SC (USA-East)
Taking Cara Babies LLC
Jenna Koziol
Las Vegas, NV
Taking Cara Babies LLC
Charlotte Ma Ching Yee
Hong Kong
Baby Sleep Well
As a mother herself with her youngest boy suffering from sleep problem till 8 months old, Charlotte is determined to become a Child Sleep Consultant to give hope to those helpless parents. She has been through the frustrations herself therefore understands the support parents need. She is known to be an adaptive, compassionate and supportive consultant.

With her professional knowledge and extensive practical experiences, many families with professional background such as Pediatrician, registered nurses, university professors and social workers have come to her for help with their baby sleep problems. With Charlotte’s patience on each baby, even families with pre-matured babies, babies with heart problems and eczema had huge improvement in their sleep qualities.

Charlotte based in Hong Kong, primarily providing baby sleep consultancy to locally, she also provides services to families in Germany, Australia, US, Taiwan and Malaysia.
Jo-Anne Dietrich
Happy Nights
Certified Sleep Consultant, Maternity Nurse and Early Years Educator.

Hello, I’m Jo-Anne and I love supporting and working alongside families to provide a caring, non-judgmental and supportive service taking the gentlest, holistic approach to help your child achieve the best possible sleep. I offer bespoke one to one solutions to support parents with newborns, babies, toddlers, and children. I work with families both face to face with home packages (subject to location) or telephone / Skype. I am based in Kent helping parents locally as well as London, Surrey, and worldwide.

“ I can’t thank Jo-Anne enough, our 14-month-old hadn’t been sleeping for months. I reached out to Jo, she was sympathetic, knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. Jo-Anne listened to our family and set up a routine, she was able to assist and advise to help tweak things for us. I can’t recommend Jo-Anne enough, she has been a lifesaver, extremely professional, offering continual support. I never felt alone or as though anything was too much. Thank you.” (Corrine).
Shereen Nielson
Maternal Nurtures
Shereen is an infant and child sleep consultant based in South Australia, however she does consult with clients world-wide. Shereen’s gentle practicing approach will help you improve your child’s sleep challenges without compromising your parenting style, bond with your child or your goals.

Shereen is also a Doula with NDC training so if you need assistance with newborn care to establish healthy sleep hygiene, this is certainly an area that can be addressed.

Shereen’s unique practicing model is to determine the root issues to your child’s challenging sleep habits and Shereen believes that a child’s sleep issues are not the fault of the parent. In most cases, there is an underlying issue which makes the biological process of sleep difficult, so identifying this is Shereen’s specialty. Once this factor is concluded, a personalised sleep improvement plan is created to guide you on your journey to improving your child’s sleep.
Chrissy Lawler
Las Vegas, Nevada
The Peaceful Sleeper
Chrissy is a licensed marriage and family therapist, lover of sleep, baby sleep consultant, and mama of four sweet girls. She’s on a mission to help moms and babies get great sleep in a way that leaves everybody feeling empowered and connected. Chrissy founded The Peaceful Sleeper for two main reasons: she recognizes how critically important sleep is in all aspects of life, and she believes that many parents are under-informed or feel unnecessary guilt when it comes to sleep training and sleep coaching your baby. Her goal as a baby sleep consultant is to take the stress out of sleep training and get everyone in the family a good night's rest. She strives to help you enjoy motherhood– not just endure it.
Jessica Lusk
Waco, Texas
Olive & Bloom
Catherine Ma
Hong Kong and Italy
Dolce Sleepers Pediatric Sleep Consultation
As the very first local pediatric sleep consultant in Hong Kong, Catherine sees promoting healthy sleep as her mission. She adopts a holistic approach to sleep, which is sensitive and responsive, and is based on science and psychology. She also incorporates the RIE parenting approach to help parents to maintain close relationship with their children, and be more confident when they have to set boundaries. Catherine is also the very first person in Hong Kong who started a Facebook page taking about baby and toddler sleep specifically and now has a blog with over 400 pieces of sleep-related articles.
Kim Van Hofwegen
Buckeye, Arizona
Taking Cara Babies LLC
Certified Sleep Consultant by Taking Cara Babies Sleep Consultant Training Program. We offer a newborn class, a 3-4 month E-book, a sleep training course, and one-on-one phone consults. "Kim's expertise, encouragement, and willingness to meet us right where we were gave me the confidence in my own ability to help my little one flourish...We have laid a solid sleep foundation, customized schedules to fit our family's needs, and helped guide my baby through his first 2 years of life." Wendy C.