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Martha Lewis
United States - Wyoming
Happy Little Camper Sleep Solutions
Sleep Sense certified consultant I create custom plans for babies, toddlers and children to enable them to learn how to sleep well. I provide 2 and 3 week packages as well as bedtime and overnight support. Jackson, Wy and Teton Valley, ID "We had sleep interruptions with our 8-month old that were impacting the whole family. Martha helped us navigate letting him cry, introducing his own self-soothing as well as troubleshooting the dynamics of sibling room sharing. Martha offered a gentle and respectful approach that supported all of our needs. Now the whole family is reaping the benefits of good sound sleep."
Maya Garbuz
United States - Wisconsin
Madison Sleep Consultant
Master's degree in Social Work; Adult, Marernity and Child Sleep Certification Sleep consultations for adults and children. Specializing in children and teens with special needs, such as Autism and ADHD. ? Located in Madison, WI, but also provide online consultations ? "R has done a complete turn around since we met. He is going to bed at 8 pm every night with no problems! He wakes up at 6 am on his own in a wonderful mood and is so much happier."?
Audra Juraska
United States - Washington
Taking Cara Babies
Certified Sleep Consultant by Taking Cara Babies Sleep Consultant Training Program ? We offer a newborn class, 3-4 month e-book, sleep training course, and one on one phone consults. ? I am based in Washington state, USA, but help parents all over the world through our online classes and support. ? "Audra listened to all my concerns, learned about our parenting style and made a true attempt to get an idea of my sons personality, and with all this information she created a thoughtful sleep plan which she talked us through step by step. Where Audra went above and beyond was in her ongoing support though out this transition. She cheered us on when we had successes and reminded us of our goals when we were struggling. By the end of week one, our little one had slept through the night and was hardly crying anymore." -Jessy Heyd
Desiree Baird
United States - Washington
Desiree Baird LLC
Certified sleep consultant through IPSP, Mom of three, and practiced with over 200 clients in just over 2.5 years ? Sleep education and sleep training support for newborn through five years of age. ? Worldwide ? "Desiree has been so great to work with. My husband and I were really hesitant to ?sleep train? our son because we don?t believe in CIO. Desiree listened to our concerns and put together a really gentle plan to help our then 11-month-old learn how to fall asleep on his own (we were nursing to sleep). Now we have a good routine and don?t have to fight him at nap time or bedtime. Our days are happier and everyone is more well-rested."
Kalea Staton
United States - Virginia
Taking Cara Babies
Certified Sleep Consultant by Taking Cara Babies Sleep Consultant Training Program ? We offer a newborn class, 3-4 month ebook, sleep training course, and one on one phone consults. ? I am based in Virginia, USA but help parents all over the world through our online classes. ? "Kalea was interested in the important details of our story, areas we were struggling with, and sensitive to medical issues Austin was struggling with, such as reflux. She offered suggestions and recommendations that were gentle and easy to implement for our schedule. I am so grateful for the positive changes we have seen as a result of the Taking Cara Babies program and support from Kalea."
Jennifer Howard
United States - Virginia
Mommy SOS
Rebecca Campbell
United States - Virginia
Little Z Sleep?
Certified Sleep Sense Consultant ? My passion is helping weary and exhausted mothers find a sleep solution for their child. I serve families with children 0-5 years old through in-home or Skype/phone packages. Having served over 100 families throughout the United States, I look forward to serving your family to meet your sleep goals. ? Located in Richmond, Virginia (Serving all other US locations via virtual support) ? "After 10 months of trying just about everything to get our son to sleep better, my wife and I found Becca. Two days after we met with her, our son was sleeping throughout the night. Becca gives you all the tools you need for your child to become a better sleeper. Our son is now well rested and so are Mom and Dad! "-Matt Boudreaux
Amy Bonsiero
United States - Virginia
Baby Sleep Solved
CEIM, CHBE, CHHC, APSC - member ? Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Certified Infant Massage Educator, Certified Happiest Baby Educator Infant/Child Sleep Consultant, Certified Infant Massage Education, Certified Happiest Baby Education Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland - in-person meetings; nationally/internationally - virtual meetings "I cannot express how grateful we are to Amy and all her services, expertise, help, and overall support. As a first time Mom I was overwhelmed and exhausted and wanted to care the best for my son while also getting some much needed rest so that I could care for him as best as possible. Amy gave me the reassurance I needed to get my son on a schedule and sleeping through the night!"
Kristy Carr
United States - Utah
Taking Cara Babies
Certified Sleep Consultant through Taking Cara Babies ? We offer a newborn class, 3-4 month ebook, sleep training course, and one on one phone consults. ? I am based in Utah but help parents all over the world ? "I thought I?d never see the light at the end of the tunnel...until we started working with Kristy. She gave great support and advice without judgement, and I?m forever thankful for the skills she taught. My baby has been such a great sleeper since working with Kristy. There?s no way we could?ve done it without her."
Maylyn Booher
United States - Utah
Taking Cara Babies
Family Sleep Institute and Taking Cara Babies certified ? Online courses for 0-24 months. Email support and phone consults ? Utah - serving worldwide ? "I felt like I had someone on my team rooting for me and my son's success and getting more sleep! Even when I was having a hard time I knew it was for the best and I knew she wanted the best for us. She helped me learn tips that will be incredible for us as time goes on and my son gets older. I am so grateful she helped him learn to sleep better and be happier."
Keriann MacElroy
United States - Texas
Dream Factory Sleep Solutions?
Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant ? Providing customized sleep solutions using a comprehensive GENTLE approach that eases you and your child into healthy sleep habits. I believe it is never too early to encourage healthy sleep habits, so services can begin before your little one arrives through 8 years old. The key to my success is the tailored support services I provide to track your child's progress to ensure sleep success. ? Located in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX for in-home consultations. Offers video or phone consultations for anyone outside this area. ? "Thank You for all of your kindness and support that you provided during our session. I know we were challenging as Charlie has her mother's stubbornness, but we made it through to the other side. We are a new family these days! Charlie is getting the sleep she needs. And that is what matters most. Even her teachers at school noticed how well she is developing these days. Not only did you provide us a service, you provided us the tools to make us better parents, now that we are all sleeping!" ~Megan, Mom to 1 year old Richardson, TX April 2017
Cory Greenberg
United States - Texas
Sleep For All Consulting
Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator Sleep consulting services for families from pregnancy through the first five years. Located in Houston, TX and serving the USA "The day I met with Cory, my 4-month-old was sleeping in 45-minute chunks throughout the night and was clearly overtired. With her help and support, my son's naps started taking shape (2-hour naps!) and his nighttime sleep steadily improved. Soon after meeting her I got my first 8-hour stretch of sleep! Cory continues to lend her support to me, and Beau and I are eternally grateful she entered our lives when she did!"

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