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Pricing for educational courses is $35 an hour for members and $50 for non-members. 

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Adult and Pregnancy Sleep: An Integrative Approach for Family Sleep Solutions

Adult and Pregnancy Sleep: An Integrative Approach for Family Sleep Solutions has been described as; “a powerful workshop that will transform your profession and the strengthen the lives of many families.”

Due to lack of information, support, stress, and/or ongoing sleep deprivation following the birth of a child, parents often resort to behavioral techniques (aka sleep training) such as; cry it out or even “no cry” sleep solutions. In doing so, the core foundations to healthy sleep, and emotional well-being of the child and the family as a whole are often overlooked, or at worst, neglected. These are usually desperate measures which can have a negative and/or traumatic effect, even after experiencing a healthy and powerful birth.

During this 90-minute continuing education webinar, you will learn the model, approach and techniques so you best support the families you work with to make healthy, considerate, and informed choices about their child’s (and their) sleep. Mar brings her wealth of knowledge and experience, and aims to deliver the following objectives:

  • Gain a deep understanding of an integrative approach to family sleep and learn a few simple practical tools to begin working with
  • Addressing common sleep challenges without needing to sleep train
  • History of Child Sleep and Child Sleep Training
  • Why Sleep Training is Controversial and Most Often Not Necessary
  • Transitioning from the words Sleep Training to new possibility
    • Holistic Foundations vs Behavioral
  • General vs Specific Advice
  • Getting to the Root
  • Sleep Lifestyle Components, Tools, and Practical Applications

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Please note, once you make your purchase you will be emailed the link within 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS, for the self-paced recorded videos.

Newborn Fundamentals: How to Develop Positive Fundamentals the First 12 Weeks

The purpose of the material is to provide a clear outline of information for Sleep Consultants that they can use to support new parents and families through the first twelve weeks with their newborns.  Building positive, developmentally appropriate fundamentals that are conducive to sleep and positive sleep behaviors will be reviewed.

Course Goals & Objectives

  • To provide clear and detail information that Sleep Consultants can utilize with their clients.
  • To engage the Sleep Consultant in an active learning environment where questions and participation are integrated.
  • To provide quality information that has a variety of approaches and parenting styles respected and represented.

Terian believes that most babies have the ability to sleep through the night (10-12 hours) by the age of 12 weeks. She believes that newborns instinctively have the ability to “self-soothe” and will gradually stretch the amount of time in between feedings at night if their environment allows them this opportunity – This is the key to sleep learning!

For many sleep consultants, assisting clients with newborns, and babies under three months can be daunting. Many consultants avoid working with families of young babies for the fear of giving the wrong advice, lack of confidence, and/or experience or knowledge on this age group and associated issues such as colic, reflux, settling, and scheduling issues.

In this comprehensive, two-hour course (divided into an easy-to-digest three parts), Terian provides a combination of experience, insight, knowledge, and her unique professional approach, to help consultants feel more confident in assisting new parents with young babies. “I am hoping that this training will encourage them to explore this age group a bit more or become more confident in it.”

There is also the option of an additional one-hour live Q & A session with Terian, offering further support to consultants who desire a more personalized option.



Craniosacral Therapy for Infant/Toddler Sleep

This 20-minute talk demystifies craniosacral therapy as an effective modality in supporting infant and toddler sleep.  This discussion includes: a detailed description of craniosacral therapy; what to expect during a pediatric treatment and how a session works; 12 common newborn challenges where craniosacral therapy can help; the important role of the parasympathetic nervous system and how this modality supports it;  the positive outcomes following treatment; when and how craniosacral therapy might help a toddler with sleep challenges.

This continuing education is offered by APSC member Catherine Wright. Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant (IMPI), member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, Certificate in Maternal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International, DONA Certified Birth Doula, Certified Shiatsu Therapist and mother. 

Catherine has been working with new families for over a decade and has been focused on sleep consulting for almost 7 years. She has a particular interest and focus on postpartum mood disorders and infant mental health and attachment. She offers a variety of educational seminars on infant sleep.



Goulding Sleeptalk Marcia Horbacio

Imagine if a parent could say some words to his child while he is asleep that could completely transform his life?

A few simple sentences that are easy to learn and easy to do?

The Goulding Method Sleep Talk is a process done by the parents to increase the child’s self-esteem that has been proven to enhance positive and reduce negative beliefs.

This workshop is for parents or for professionals that wish to know more how parents can improve their children’s behaviors like sleep issues, tantrums, sibling rivalry, nail bitting, low self-esteem, agressiveness and many others.

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Children & The Paranormal

This continuing education course dives a little deeper into the topic of children ( age 0-5 years) and the paranormal world. Information is shared on the why and how this connection exists as well as signs that the child is interacting with spirit.

This continuing education is offered by APSC member Tamara Jurkin. 

Tamara is the founder of Quiet Moments Sleep Consulting and the Sleep Program Instructor for the USA region for the International Parenting and Health Institute (IPHI).

Tamara is a Certified Sleep Consultant who holds a Specialized Honors degree in Psychology and an Early Childhood Education diploma. Tamara’s educational background in child development and psychology include courses such as: The Happiest Baby on the Block, psychology of infancy, psychology of middle childhood and family dynamics as well as infant/ child mental health. To further complement her background, Tamara has completed the Infant Mental Health course through Sick Children’s hospital which focuses on mental health from 0-6 years of age.

Tamara is an active member of the International Parenting and Health Institute (IPHI) Admissions Board and the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She has worked with young children, families and adults in a variety of settings for many years. She has also shared her passion for child education by teaching adult students wishing to enter the Early Childhood Education field.

Tamara does not utilize any sleep training methods/controlled crying, in her practice. Her successful approach is both holistic and organic in nature while focusing on the attachment relationship and emotional wellbeing of the entire family unit. Though residing in Ontario, Canada, Tamara offers sleep services worldwide via phone, email, and internet.



Instagram for Business

This continuing education is offered by APSC member Amelia Hunter and digs into using Instagram for business (and how to succeed!).

Amelia is an Internationally Certified Infant Sleep Consultant and mum to two beautiful girls. Born in Australia, Amelia has lived in Spain for the last 12 years. She trained as a nurse and early childhood educator before becoming a sleep consultant. Her passion is helping families find balance and harmony in family life by teaching their children healthy sleeping habits.

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