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United States - New York
Sleeping Smart Consulting
Aya Aiba is the Asia/India director and Japan coordinator of the APSC. She is also the Japan Representative and instructor for the IPHI (International Parenting and Health Institute).

She has three books out in Japan "Mom and Baby Sleep Book" from Kodansha, "How to get your child to sleep Manga" from Shufunotomosha and "Everything about Mom" from Shufunotomosha which she supervised. She writes columns for Benesse Tamahiyo. Her work has been featured in Nikkei Dual, President Online, FRaU, Domani, mamasta, VERY,  and many more Media.

Aya was born in Japan and grew up in New York. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Keio University in Japan. She is fully bilingual in both Japanese and English. She worked at Bloomberg in Japan before moving to San Francisco with her husband.

After giving birth to her first son, and not knowing anything about child sleep, she quickly became sleep deprived. An ocean away from her parents, she was all by herself in taking care of her son.

She began reading books about the science behind child sleep and that led her to get certified by the IPHI.

Aya had her second son in April of 2015. She now lives in NY with her family going back and forth to Japan.  She helps many Japanese families who have sleep issues all around the world.

Home Page:
Muscat, Oman
Rested Cocoons

I’m a certified pediatric sleep consultant based in Oman. In my role I’m committed to changing the concept that motherhood means sleepless nights and aspire to empower moms to build sleep foundations in early stages to make their parenthood journey a more joyful one with rest.

As a full-time working mom with 2 kids, I wouldn't be able to juggle life with work and this obsession of mine of teaching sleep, if sleep wasn't something I prioritized for my family at first.

My passion in understanding baby's sleep started as a curiosity from wanting to improve my first-born's sleep and help him through the neonatal stroke he went through as a newborn.
When I understood the importance of sleep for baby’s brain development, I became that mom that’s obsessed with baby's sleep topic  reading one book after another which inspired me to spread this awareness in my community.
As a founder of Rested Cocoons, I work closely with families in one-on-one virtual consultation to help them overcome their child's sleep challenges with confidence.

“I haven't slept properly for over 2 years until I met Ahlam! It was a tough but rewarding process. Ahlam was attentive and compassionate during the process.

I enjoyed working with her as she catered the sleep training according to my daughter's personality and our circumstances.

Ahlam was always available and ready to answer in questions I had, she provided emotional support throughout the process"

Texas, United States
Dream On, Babies

Pediatric Child Sleep Consultant, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Specialist (coming soon)

Bethany Allen is a professional child sleep consultant who works with moms of newborns-preschool age. She works with families based on their needs and unique family dynamics to create a sleep plan that can be easily implemented. Her unique specialty is teaching and guiding parents of newborns all the important skills and techniques to implement in the early months, along with how to accurately monitor a baby's natural rhythms, which in turn sets them up to take long restful naps and begin making longer stretches at night early on.

Serving Austin and the surrounding areas (in-home) and virtually throughout the US

"Before I called Bethany my 4-month-old was only taking 30-minute naps, waking 4-5 times a night, and would often cry the second I put him down. Bethany works with your parenting style and lets you go as gentle or as efficient as you want to go. Our baby took to Bethany's schedule so quickly, it was like he was waiting for us to implement it. When you meet Bethany you pick up really quickly how smart and maternal she is, thus being the perfect leader to guide new parents, and I wish I would have called her sooner!"

Quebec, Canada
Maman pour toi

I am a Certified Maternity & Gentle Child Sleep Consultant based in Canada offering virtual consultations world-wide and conferences.

With my holistic and gentle approach, I help your child’s sleep habits, create positive sleep associations, and encourage independent sleep. I will guide you, hand in hand, via a personalized program and reassuring communications, so that you learn to trust yourself and so that you can accompany your child to a peaceful sleep.

Florida, United States
Baby Love

Sleep is imperative to better health! My name is Carla and I am proud to be a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant!

I am excited to help those in my care acquire better sleep. As a health care provider for the past 25 years, I have worked closely with children and have observed first hand the difference that building a proper sleep foundation can have on development, and over-all health and well-being.

My mission is to teach families how to get the best sleep possible, and to help them understand that better sleep leads to better health - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Colorado, United States
Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby

At Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby, we provide gentle sleep solutions that work™ for your children from birth through grade school! We offer compassionate, realistic answers to your child’s sleep problems. As sleep consultants, we understand how frustrating it can be to get your child to sleep, and that’s why we train you so you can take over with confidence!

How we’re different from other sleep consultants…

Do a quick online search and you’ll find thousands of solutions for getting your infant, toddler, twins, triplets or multiples to sleep. There are “how-tos” and articles for every situation, including working parents, single parents, parents in college, breastfeeding moms, moms who homeschool and more. Regardless the age or number of children you have, your parent status or where you are in your sleep journey with your little one, there are answers to get your baby to sleep for every stage of childhood. 

Our team does an initial discovery call, which will allow us to meet you and hear your story. We then work with you to create a customized, personalized plan that fits your family’s unique needs. Our sleep consultants work closely with you, teaching simple sleep techniques to get your baby sleeping, and give your family the rest and support you need.

Receiving your sleep plan is just the beginning. We walk beside you through the entire training process; frequent and authentic phone calls and follow-up support is a vital part of your family’s success.

South Africa – Pretoria
Good Night
Owner and Managing Director of Good Night

Good Night is a child and baby sleep consultancy that specializes in helping parents with children who struggle to sleep soundly and is tailored for parents who have difficulties with children who cannot sleep through the night.

Good Night's aim is to help parents of children who are challenged by successful day naps and overall sleep health. Serving Southern Africa and International Clients. "Jolandi is a lifesaver! You cannot put a monetary value on getting sleep so thank you for helping us and being sooo patient :)"
Washington, United States
Parenting Practive of Colorado

Jen is a certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist, proudly trained through Sleep Sense. Jen is also a certified Registered Nurse with a background in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where she worked for 11 years before most recently moving into a Clinical Documentation Specialist role 2 years ago.

Jen was born and raised in Washington State where she and her husband, Nick, live with their two beautiful kids, Tate and Madelynn. Jen used a sleep specialist when Tate was a baby as she was constantly nursing Tate every 1-2 hours at night to get him back to sleep. The lack of sleep was not only affecting Tate, it was affecting Jen both personally and professionally. Jen’s compassion and love for helping families in some of their most vulnerable times not only shines through in the NICU but also coaching families develop healthy sleep habits for their kids so everyone can get the sleep they need.

New York, United States
Sleep Rest and Play
Sleep Sense Consultant. Baby/Infant and Toddler/Preschool packages. These include an analysis of a detailed evaluation, a 90 minute consultation via skype. A 10 day sleep plan meeting the sleep challenges of your family. Telephone and email follow up support. Serving New York, Long Island, New Jersey, London (U.K). Seema, you are a sleep/lifesaver. Everything in our lives have improved. You were a pleasure to work with, and your support along the way was invaluable. We can't thank you enough for your work, your professionalism. THANK YOU for giving us a new life together!!!!!!!"
Manitoba, Canada
Your Sleep Story

I am a wife, and mother of three busy children. I live in Winnipeg, MB and really enjoy the outdoors, cycling, and a good cup of coffee (especially, a hot cup, outside, after a road bike ride).

For those that know me personally, I LOVE sleep. Not only do I enjoy an early bedtime and the occasional nap, I more specifically love waking up rested, refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Being used to a full night’s sleep, and always preferring an early bedtime, having a baby was a complete shock to my system. After my daughter was born I was in a fog, sleep deprivation was at its finest. I had daily headaches and dizziness and was having trouble coping.

Being a first-time mom and no handbook to go by, I scrolled through the internet looking for reasons as to why my baby didn’t sleep. I read articles, blog posts, and books trying to grasp this new life of mine, which felt overwhelming. On a particularly sleepless night, I found myself on a website booking a free 15-minute phone call with a Sleep Consultant. Within a few days, I had my consultation and a personalized sleep plan in my hands. The next two weeks of my life were transformed. My daughter went from waking many times a night to falling asleep independently. I went from feeling sleep deprived back to feeling rested and refreshed. My mind was blown. The consistency and routine were just what I had been craving all along.

Hiring a Sleep Consultant has been one of the most valuable investments my family could have made.

Now educated as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I am deeply committed to helping parents achieve a well-rested family through education and support.

Boise, Idaho, United States
The Early Weeks

Hi, I’m Katie!
For as long as I can remember children have been a cornerstone of my life. As a child, I begged for a younger sibling, but nonetheless, remained the youngest of four. I’ve loved babies my entire life and I knew it inherently at a very young age. I understand them and am drawn to them like a magnet!

In 2014, one of my nanny families welcomed twins. I lived with them 24-hours per day for 6 weeks and saw first-hand the struggles they faced. It was this experience that changed my life forever. From that point forward, my calling in life became very clear. A new journey began, and I’ve never looked back.

The Early Weeks was born out of the realization that new parents face many challenges on their journey into parenthood. When the needs of education, sleep and support are met, the outcome for new families is much more positive. The Early Weeks and months can then become a happier, stress free celebration, rather than a period of time when many familes are struggling from continual sleep deprivation.

Together, we will first work to understand the current challenges your baby or young child is experiencing. Second, we will create a plan to help optimize sleep for your whole family. One that is age and developmentally appropriate for your child. I will be with you throughout the support period to trouble shoot and make adjustments as needed. When needed, additional providers will be recommend to compliment and facilitate care for your little one.

I love supporting new families and helping them get the sleep they desperately need. I am here for you. I am listening.

Gilbert, Arizona, United States
Cozy Baby Sleep
Alice is a mother of 2, certified pediatric sleep consultant and BS Sociology Graduate with a minor in Marriage and Family Studies. She became a sleep consultant after struggling with her first newborn baby, and discovered the life changing world of sleep teaching and training. Serving many families 1:1, online, and via self-led Eguides, she has been able to help 100's of babies sleep!
The goal at Cozy Baby Sleep is to provide evidence based sleep education, and to deliver and support with empathy and respect. It's important to Alice that parent's know and understand that sleep teaching is not one size fits all, and it can look different for every family. You as the parent will decide what method makes you comfortable, and Alice will guide you through it.
Cozy Baby Sleep is based in Gilbert, Arizona, but offers and has provided worldwide support daily including: USA, Canada, Great Britain and Germany.
"Cozy Baby Sleep helped my family immensely! The programs are so easy to follow and we saw improvements immediately. Cozy Baby is extremely responsive to questions and always willing to help and give guidance. We absolutely loved that there were different methods to choose from as I was not too keen on the “cry it out method”. Our toddler now sleeps for 11 - 13 hours solid each night and we could not be more grateful! Thank you so much for saving our sleep and allowing us to keep our sanity!"