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United States - New York
Sleeping Smart Consulting
Aya Aiba is the Asia/India director and Japan coordinator of the APSC. She is also the Japan Representative and instructor for the IPHI (International Parenting and Health Institute).

She has three books out in Japan "Mom and Baby Sleep Book" from Kodansha, "How to get your child to sleep Manga" from Shufunotomosha and "Everything about Mom" from Shufunotomosha which she supervised. She writes columns for Benesse Tamahiyo. Her work has been featured in Nikkei Dual, President Online, FRaU, Domani, mamasta, VERY,  and many more Media.

Aya was born in Japan and grew up in New York. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Keio University in Japan. She is fully bilingual in both Japanese and English. She worked at Bloomberg in Japan before moving to San Francisco with her husband.

After giving birth to her first son, and not knowing anything about child sleep, she quickly became sleep deprived. An ocean away from her parents, she was all by herself in taking care of her son.

She began reading books about the science behind child sleep and that led her to get certified by the IPHI.

Aya had her second son in April of 2015. She now lives in NY with her family going back and forth to Japan.  She helps many Japanese families who have sleep issues all around the world.

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Texas, United States
Dream On, Babies
Pediatric Child Sleep Consultant, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Specialist (coming soon)

Bethany Allen is a professional child sleep consultant who works with moms of newborns-preschool age. She works with families based on their needs and unique family dynamics to create a sleep plan that can be easily implemented. Her unique specialty is teaching and guiding parents of newborns all the important skills and techniques to implement in the early months, along with how to accurately monitor a baby's natural rhythms, which in turn sets them up to take long restful naps and begin making longer stretches at night early on.

Serving Austin and the surrounding areas (in-home) and virtually throughout the US

"Before I called Bethany my 4-month-old was only taking 30-minute naps, waking 4-5 times a night, and would often cry the second I put him down. Bethany works with your parenting style and lets you go as gentle or as efficient as you want to go. Our baby took to Bethany's schedule so quickly, it was like he was waiting for us to implement it. When you meet Bethany you pick up really quickly how smart and maternal she is, thus being the perfect leader to guide new parents, and I wish I would have called her sooner!"
Middle East - Kuwait
Marwa Sleep
A certified sleep consultant since 2014. I have two certificates: one from International Maternity and parenting Institute and the the other one from sleep scene program. I got a bachelor degree in communication disorders, and a master's degree in psychological counseling. I am also a certified breast feeding counselor and infant massage instructor. I am honored that I worked - virtually and in person - with hundreds of families from all over the world. My goal is to empower families with psychological and science based tools and methods that will suits their parenting style to face their sleep challenges with their kids.
Washington, United States
Desiree Baird LLC
Certified sleep consultant through IPSP, Mom of three, and practiced with over 200 clients in just over 2.5 years. Sleep education and sleep training support for newborn through five years of age. Worldwide "Desiree has been so great to work with. My husband and I were really hesitant to 'sleep train' our son because we don't believe in CIO. Desiree listened to our concerns and put together a really gentle plan to help our then 11-month-old learn how to fall asleep on his own (we were nursing to sleep). Now we have a good routine and don't have to fight him at nap time or bedtime. Our days are happier and everyone is more well-rested."
Colorado, United States
Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby
Sleep Sense. Custom sleep plans and coaching for prenatal mamas up to 10 year olds. Located in Colorado - have helped all over the world! "At my daughters 6 month check up our pediatrician let us know that she wasn't getting the amount of sleep that she required. It wasn't a matter of putting up with the night wakings and nonexistent naps, something really needed to be done. He told me to contact Kandra and I am so glad I did! I didn't realize the lack of sleep that was happening. She is happier than I have ever seen her!"
South Africa – Pretoria
Good Night
Owner and Managing Director of Good Night

Good Night is a child and baby sleep consultancy that specializes in helping parents with children who struggle to sleep soundly and is tailored for parents who have difficulties with children who cannot sleep through the night.

Good Night's aim is to help parents of children who are challenged by successful day naps and overall sleep health. Serving Southern Africa and International Clients. "Jolandi is a lifesaver! You cannot put a monetary value on getting sleep so thank you for helping us and being sooo patient :)"
Switzerland, Europe
Transforming Family Life Through Sleep
Certified Holistic Sleep Consultant and a mom. Based in Switzerland and provide services worldwide. She provides one-to-one sessions and workshops/webinars. Her approach is based on discovering the root causes of child sleep challenges. She strongly believes that creating a secure attachment between caregiver and child is essential in sleep work. She is also Trauma-informed and well-aware from her personal story, how deeply trauma can affect our lives and our children’s sleep. She works passionately with the families, not only to improve their sleep but also to increase their well-being on every level.  “Maria has a magical way of listening and feeling you. It makes everything look solvable. From the first session, she gave me back the hope I had lost. She is well-trained and so to the point that you have no room to doubt whether you will succeed. Consistent and available, she helped me hear and understand my child's needs better. But most importantly, she has helped me understand my own needs. The quality of our daily lives has improved significantly. Thank you Maria!”
New York, United States
Sleep Rest and Play
Sleep Sense Consultant. Baby/Infant and Toddler/Preschool packages. These include an analysis of a detailed evaluation, a 90 minute consultation via skype. A 10 day sleep plan meeting the sleep challenges of your family. Telephone and email follow up support. Serving New York, Long Island, New Jersey, London (U.K). Seema, you are a sleep/lifesaver. Everything in our lives have improved. You were a pleasure to work with, and your support along the way was invaluable. We can't thank you enough for your work, your professionalism. THANK YOU for giving us a new life together!!!!!!!"
Sydney, Australia
Mummys whispers
Mummy’s Whispers was founded by Caroline Bilkey, a highly experienced Newborn Specialist and OCN Registered Maternity Nurse (United Kingdom), who has spent the last 16 years specialising in both local and international contract maternity roles and surrogacy journeys for intended parents.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand but residing in Sydney, Australia, Caroline discovered a niche and real demand in providing premium pre and post natal maternity care and services for families, as well as providing support for the ongoing development of their children.

Her studies in London to train as a Maternity Nurse, Sleep Consulting and Baby Massage have led her to working with Maternal Mental Health for Oranga Tamariki (New Zealand), partnering with various international childcare agencies, as well as accumulating many of her own international high profile clientele and royalty who frequently book her services. She has worked extensively within the surrogacy industry, as well as for same sex couples, making her the go to in Australasia for this line of work.

No matter whom the family is; her ethos is always the same. Listen to the families and their needs and provide a standard of care that lets the parents enjoy their new baby, whilst making sure the baby is happy, healthy and safe.

Having worked with hundreds of babies internationally in her career; Caroline particularly enjoys coaching new parents to give them encouragement and support with what a new baby brings, whether it be their first or fifth child.

Mummy's Whispers was founded as a natural progression to provide online services and resources for new parents, as well as having the ability to book her highly specialised team directly for Maternity services.
Boise, Idaho, United States
The Early Weeks
Texas, United States
Certified Sleep Consultant by Taking Cara Babies Sleep Consultant Training Program.
I am based in Texas, USA but help parents all over the world through our online classes.
"Meagan helped help to support my family by providing education, encouragement and a plan to achieve the goals that I had for my child in the area of sleep. Meagan was an incredible listener, knowledgeable in the area of early childhood development and went above and beyond to make sure that we had the support we needed to see success and thrive as parents.I am forever grateful for the way that Meagan helps come alongside families with heart and passion for what they do."
Gilbert, Arizona, United States
Cozy Baby Sleep
Alice is a mother of 2, certified pediatric sleep consultant and BS Sociology Graduate with a minor in Marriage and Family Studies. She became a sleep consultant after struggling with her first newborn baby, and discovered the life changing world of sleep teaching and training. Serving many families 1:1, online, and via self-led Eguides, she has been able to help 100's of babies sleep!
The goal at Cozy Baby Sleep is to provide evidence based sleep education, and to deliver and support with empathy and respect. It's important to Alice that parent's know and understand that sleep teaching is not one size fits all, and it can look different for every family. You as the parent will decide what method makes you comfortable, and Alice will guide you through it.
Cozy Baby Sleep is based in Gilbert, Arizona, but offers and has provided worldwide support daily including: USA, Canada, Great Britain and Germany.
"Cozy Baby Sleep helped my family immensely! The programs are so easy to follow and we saw improvements immediately. Cozy Baby is extremely responsive to questions and always willing to help and give guidance. We absolutely loved that there were different methods to choose from as I was not too keen on the “cry it out method”. Our toddler now sleeps for 11 - 13 hours solid each night and we could not be more grateful! Thank you so much for saving our sleep and allowing us to keep our sanity!"