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Polly Revaliente​
Madrid, Spain.
Easy Sleep Solutions
Polly is passionate about sleep and understands the importance of good sleep habits for both mental and physical health for children and parents. She has worked as a sleep consultant for over 7 years and has helped over 1000 families achieve their sleep goals. She achieved distinction in her OCN Sleep Training qualification and Baby Sleep Consultant Training qualification and has much hands on experience. She is a registered nurse and has worked in hospitals, schools and GP surgeries throughout the UK and Spain. Polly has 3 children (4,6 and 7) and completely comprehends your situation and empathises whole heartedly! Polly believes in personalised plans to help each family and child achieve good sleep habits. She is British but lives in Madrid and is bilingual in Spanish/English.
Meredith Brough
Marion, Iowa (USA-MW)
Sweet Slumber
Meredith Brough is a sleep coach, childcare expert of 30 years and a mother of five. She developed natural sleep coaching abilities while raising her children and running an in-home daycare for 15 years. In 2017, Meredith worked with a desperate, single mother of infant twins who hardly slept at all. The mother had postpartum depression, was very sick, and was losing her will to live. When her babies began napping well and sleeping through the night in a short time, she felt like a completely new person. This experience showed Meredith that sleep coaching was her true calling in life. A few months later, she founded her company, Sweet Slumber.

During her first year in business, Meredith found herself working with sensitive, spirited, and high needs children from all over the world. She discovered a new passion and learned how to customize her approach according to individual temperaments and needs. She developed several non-crying methods, peaceful solutions, and the Successful Sleep System for babies and young children.

Meredith is known for her responsive solutions and mommy-whispering skills. She teaches parents how to handle regressions, support optimal development, and trust their intuition. Her knowledge and experience empowers parents to successfully build sleep habits and confidently care for their children.

Meredith works with local families in their homes, coaches parents globally using Zoom, and offers online courses and classes. She also hosts “The Sweet Slumber Podcast.” In her free time, Meredith enjoys being with her family, serving others, learning, connecting with friends, and being outdoors.
Giulianna Boffa
Bosque Real Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico
Pillow O'Clock
Caroline Bilkey
Sydney, Australia
Mummys whispers
Mummy’s Whispers was founded by Caroline Bilkey, a highly experienced Newborn Specialist and OCN Registered Maternity Nurse (United Kingdom), who has spent the last 16 years specialising in both local and international contract maternity roles and surrogacy journeys for intended parents.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand but residing in Sydney, Australia, Caroline discovered a niche and real demand in providing premium pre and post natal maternity care and services for families, as well as providing support for the ongoing development of their children.

Her studies in London to train as a Maternity Nurse, Sleep Consulting and Baby Massage have led her to working with Maternal Mental Health for Oranga Tamariki (New Zealand), partnering with various international childcare agencies, as well as accumulating many of her own international high profile clientele and royalty who frequently book her services. She has worked extensively within the surrogacy industry, as well as for same sex couples, making her the go to in Australasia for this line of work.

No matter whom the family is; her ethos is always the same. Listen to the families and their needs and provide a standard of care that lets the parents enjoy their new baby, whilst making sure the baby is happy, healthy and safe.

Having worked with hundreds of babies internationally in her career; Caroline particularly enjoys coaching new parents to give them encouragement and support with what a new baby brings, whether it be their first or fifth child.

Mummy's Whispers was founded as a natural progression to provide online services and resources for new parents, as well as having the ability to book her highly specialised team directly for Maternity services.
Sarah Weiss Nagar
New Orleans, LA
A Little Sleep
Hi, I'm Sarah. Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Newborn Care Specialist. I'm a mom of four and experienced in child-rearing and early childhood education with an insatiable passion for sleep coaching and newborn care. I’ve been empowering families in this arena since the birth of my first-born son about 8 years ago and have met great success.

I’m on a never-ending quest of knowledge and additional training so I can provide my clients with the best, personally tailored, and evidence-based sleep advice. My experience, backed with focused training, and areas of expertise are in pediatric sleep and newborn care.

Identifying the root cause of your child’s sleep issues is the first step to creating a solid foundation for sleep. With my wealth of knowledge and expertise, coupled with your intuitive mother’s instinct, we’ll set realistic and achievable goals in order to establish a routine and make positive changes to your child’s sleep. An effective sleep strategy is never a one-size-fits-all approach and I will customize a plan that best suits your family's needs.

"Sarah’s eclectic experience with many methods and her expansive baby related knowledge made working with her feel personalized and comfortable. Sarah was able to tweak methods, rules, and “should-dos” to fit my values and specific family needs. Sarah was open, and kind, and never judged me. Sarah tailored and customized a system to fit me, my baby, and our goals. Sarah was encouraging and continuously referred me to my maternal instincts and innate knowledge. Sarah promoted me as the expert of my child and guided me along that path using her expertise. Having Sarah on this journey allowed me to set myself up for success, enjoy this incredibly special time with my baby, and feel secure while doing it. Spoiler alert- at 7 months I have a great sleeper, and I know what my baby needs which means I have a happy baby as well. Sarah is a true gift!” -Rochel Leah Landa
Andria Gordon
Have Baby. Must Sleep.
Cassidy Radley
Missoula, MT USA-West
Taking Cara Babies LLC
Paulina Temple
Paulina Temple Sleep Solution
Courtney Garland
Mama Linc
Shelby Mcknight
Blue Water Way Temecula CA
Taking Cara Babies LLC
Kristen Northrop
Brighton, CO (USA-West)
Taking Cara Babies LLC
Amanda Vriens
South Carolina (USA-East)
Taking Cara Babies LLC