A Twirl for Technology

As you know we are in a time where we have access to fabulous gadgets and tools to help us manage our time, money, financing, efficiency, etc. I don?t know about you, but I personally have all the techy gadgets: iPad, iPhone, macair book, ,imac, ipod. Basically I am one big apple! However, I know I am not using these gadgets most effectively to maximize my time, business planning, etc. There are just too many fabulous resources and new apps coming out everyday for me to keep up with! I have downloaded highly effective apps (or at least I’ve been told they are) but like many, I get overwhelmed and am often reluctant to try new things – even ones that are supposed to help me improve or get on track. When I came across Digitwirl I not only envied Carley for having the world’s second greatest job, but I was instantly able to relate to her time saving and organizing tech tools since I’m a huge fan of using what works to best help me manage everyday life. Being a stay-at-home mom and wife as well as running a business and consulting, it takes a lot of juggling, many sticky notes, and constant reminders that ?ding ding? on my phone! Being a sleep consultant also has me printing and wasting paper like a mad woman! Questionnaires, tracking, sleep plans, notes…you know the drill!

Running a business also creates all sorts of paper clutter from receipts. I love using Carley?s recommendation – the ?Lemon.? All of my receipts in one place! Heaven! My accountant will love me too!

Another app that helps you save time by managing financial statements, account numbers and receipts ALL IN ONE PLACE without the paper clutter is called Manilla. It reminds you of when bills are due and you can pay them right online. Never miss a payment date and never forget a password. You can also go back and look at old statements and receipts as well.

Anyway, I encourage all of you tech savvy, business and task-juggling super consultants to check out Digitwirl and Carley?s tips and videos. She makes things super easy to understand and you can pick and choose what is right for you. She has done all the work to make sure these are tried-and-true and won’t be a waste of time for you! Her clips are short and sweet (exactly what I like). Hopefully you’ll find some apps and tips that help you maximize and organize your life and business.

Janey Reilly is Founder & Principal of WeeSleep, a leading global professional baby and toddler sleep consultancy based in Ontario. Prior to launching her WeeSleep practice, Janey worked in marketing and sales for leading companies such as Disney Online Studios, Sparkling Hill Resort, and Intrawest.

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