Continuing Education Courses Now Available at the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!??..We have some exciting news to announce. The Association of Professional Sleep Consultants has officially launched our continuing education program today, April 29, 2016.

The first course “How to Develop Positive Fundamentals the First 12 Weeks?is delivered by APSC?s Executive Director, Terian Gregory.

Internationally recognized for her expertise and knowledge, Terian is an experienced Sleep Consultant by day, a Certified Newborn Care Specialist by night, and mother of two (around the clock!). She has over 40,000 hours of experience in working with singletons, twins and triplets as a Newborn Care Specialist, and over 25 years experience working with children (including a Degree in Elementary and Middle School Education, and Postgraduate in Early Childhood Development).

With a passion for educating and inspiring new families (and professionals) with “everything that their baby wants them to know”, her calm and gentle spirit is an asset to the many families that have utilized her services.

Terian says of her experience in working with new parents: ?I know that this blessed time for new parents is often confusing and exhausting; however, I know with just a bit of guidance and encouragement it doesn’t have to be this way. Why wait until a family has had 4-6 months of sleepless nights before we (sleep consultants) work with them?? Terian teaches parents how to help their newborn develop their natural abilities. She hopes to pass this wealth of knowledge onto sleep professionals within the APSC network.

Terian believes that most babies have the ability to sleep through the night (10-12 hours) by the age of 12 weeks.  She believes that newborns instinctively have the ability to “self-soothe” and will gradually stretch the amount of time in between feedings at night, if their environment allows them this opportunity. This is the key to sleep learning!

For many sleep consultants, assisting clients with newborns and babies under three months can be daunting. Many consultants avoid working with families of young babies for the fear of giving the wrong advice, lack of confidence, and/or inexperience or not enough knowledge on this age group and associated issues such as: colic, reflux, soothing and settling, and scheduling concerns.

In this comprehensive, two-hour course (divided into an easy-to-digest three parts), Terian provides a combination of experience, insight, knowledge, and her unique professional approach, to help consultants feel more confident in assisting new parents with young babies. ?I am hoping that this training will encourage them to explore this age group a bit more or become more confident within it.?

There is also the option of an additional one-hour live Q & A session with Terian, offering further support to consultants who desire a more personalised option.

We are really excited to be able to offer our members, and other professionals pursuing continuing education the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skill set from the best in the industry.

If you wish to enroll in The Newborn Fundamentals class, please visit our Continuing Education Shop. You will see options to purchase the course as a member or a nonmember, as well as the option to enroll in the Live Q and A to be held on June 2, 2016 at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST. If you are not yet a member of the APSC, you can learn more about the benefits of being a member on our ?Join? page.

Following Terian?s course, the Founder of the APSC Mar Oscategui will deliver ?Adult and Pregnancy Sleep: An Integrative Approach for Family Sleep Solutions? in mid-May. This is ?a powerful workshop that will transform your profession and the strengthen the lives of many families.?

In mid -June, Teresa Stewart, the APSC?s Director of Continuing Education will deliver our third course, ?Supporting a Toddler and His Family Through the Transition of Welcoming a Second Baby.?

Stay tuned for details on these courses; and please return to our blog next week as we share exciting announcements of a new international region added to our association and a new regional director we are welcoming to our team!

With Warmth, Blessings, and Inspiration,

Mar & The APSC team

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