Association of Professional Sleep Consultants 2016 Update


As 2016 has started with a bang, it?s time to reflect on our journey over the past four years, and our direction moving forward; none of it achievable without a talented leadership team, and our expanding member base (109 consultants in 20 countries around the globe, and growing!).

The APSC is dedicated to supporting professional sleep consultants who serve adults, pregnant women, families, children, infants, and teens; by promoting and upholding the highest level of excellence and industry standards for professional sleep consulting throughout the world.

Headed up by a team of experienced industry professionals, the APSC is the number one support network for sleep consultants worldwide; allowing its members the opportunity to exchange ideas, information, experiences, and offer support to one another, in what can otherwise be an isolating profession.

?We pride ourselves in providing the kind of positive and professional supportive community many professionals yearn for and raise the bar for our scope and boundaries to practice, embrace our various backgrounds and training as well as welcome our differences?  – Mar Oscategui, Founder

We have a dedicated and talented team; Executive director Terian Gregory Johnston, Continuing education director Teresa Marie Stewart, blog contributor Sophie Acott, newsletter contributor Jillian Dowling and regional directors Heather Plante, Katie Forsythe, Julie Cleasby, Tamiko Kelly, Ronee Welch, Petro Thamm and Sabrina Stempel.

Mar, who founded the Organisation in January 2012, holds over two dozen certifications in the health, fitness, birth and parenting fields. She is also the Founder and CEO of the International Maternity and Parenting Institute; one of the first and only registered training organisations to be established within the sleep consulting industry.

When asked about her reason for starting the APSC, she says; ?When I founded the APSC about four years ago, my dream and mission was to provide an independent and fair organization for adult and child sleep consultants for support, education, networking, collaboration and exposure while maintaining the highest and most excellent professional standards?.

Staying true to Mar?s mission, the APSC is dedicated to ensuring its members receive integrated and superior education, as well as an on-going opportunity to further develop and advance their professional skills. As such, we are launching an exciting Continued Education Program in April 2016.

The three classes launching in 2016 will be delivered by our Directors; Mar Oscategui, Teresa Stewart and Terian Gregory, as they offer their many years of expertise and training to launch the program. Courses are;  ?Creating Positive Fundamentals for the First Twelve Weeks?, ?Supporting a Toddler and His Family Through the Transition of Welcoming a Second Baby?, and ?Adult & Pregnancy Sleep: An Integrative Approach for Family Sleep Solutions.?.

?I want to personally acknowledge and honor our team for their hard work, support and dedication to our mission and our industry. I also have deep appreciation to all of you; our members, for believing in us, supporting us, committing to being part of our professional family and upholding professional standards for our industry?.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Blessed 2016.   

With Warmth, Blessings, and Inspiration,

Mar & The APSC team

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