Marketing to Moms ? The New Pathway to Success

Brands can successfully engage with women today by taking into account women?s unique needs, expectations and experiences.

The current trend has been turning the way brands traditionally market to women upside down. Old stereotypes no longer apply and campaigns need to ensure that patronizing messages are nixed completely.  Women are expecting brands to engage them on their own terms and many women feel that advertisers simply don’t understand them.

So what are the new realities of marketing to women today?

Brands are built from the ground up by EMBRACING women

What does this mean?

From smart phones to social media to online gaming and shopping, technology has a huge impact on the way women make decisions.  Women actually spend 8% more time online than men.

Women want to save time:

  • They’re the ones using QR codes
  • 75% of women have downloaded an app in the past 6 months
  • 27% visit Groupon regularly
  • Lifestyle, home and PARENTING consistently rank as the most popular female content searches.

How do moms balance it all?

  • They use technology to realize savings (time and money) for their families
  • 65% of moms own a smart phone
  • Moms are online or on their mobile for an average of 6 hours per day!

When you think about building a relationship with women you have to understand their motives and values.  You have to understand what they’re trying to get done functionally in life.

Brand Experience:

  • 61% of women expect brands to respond to them in 1 day or less
  • In 95% of countries, QUALITY of service or product is the #1 driver of brand loyalty (not lowest price)
  • 56% of women will advocate for brands or services ONLY if they have had a great personal experience with them.

Best Practices:

  • Build relationships
  • Create experiences
  • Educate and inform

Bottom line:

To be successful in your business and gain brand loyalty, take women’s needs into account when creating your marketing strategy.

About Janey

Janey Reilly is Founder & Principal of WeeSleep, a leading global professional baby and toddler sleep consultancy based in Ontario. Prior to launching her WeeSleep practice, Janey worked in marketing and sales for leading companies such as Disney Online Studios, Sparkling Hill Resort, and Intrawest.

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